About Edwin

Edwin Evans-Thirlwell is an award-winning London, UK-based writer who deals in poetry about space probes and criticism about videogames, technology and digital culture. His work has appeared in Motherboard, Agenda, VICE Gaming, the Mirror, Brittle Star, Antiphon, SPR Annual, Rock Paper Shotgun, the BBC, Kotaku, City AM and the Guardian. One of these days he’ll realise that this was all a terrible mistake. Any day now.

Edwin was Deputy Editor of Official Xbox Magazine in the UK and US till November 2014, and now freelances for PC Gamer, Edge and Eurogamer among others. He has been nominated several times for a Games Media Award in the specialist print writer and online news categories. He is studying part-time with a TECHNE Arts and Humanities Research Council scholarship for a practise-based PhD in poetry at Royal Holloway, University of London.

You can reach Edwin via “dirigiblebill” attybat “googlemail” dotty “com”. For more details of prior employment and qualifications, hit this.


“Of course I remember who you are” – Michael Bywater, writer and broadcaster
“I don’t mean to be rude, but you’re a handsome dude” – concussed man in street
“Why is Edwin the way he is?” – Neil Gorton, Square Enix
“I’ll settle for a headbutt the first time we meet” – respected peer
“Terminally middle-class” – Alice Bell, Videogamer.com
“Experienced” – The Guardian
“Creepy” – anon